FreedomSocial – Privacy Policy

The information we collect and process about you depends on how you use our Products. For example, we collect different information if you sign up to advertise with us than if you make a simple post. Whenever you use or engage with our Products, we may collect some information about you.

Here’s the information we collect:

Information you provide, and your activity

When using our Products, you can create an account, send messages, take photos and videos, buy or sell items (personal or business), and more. All of those things you can do on our Products are called your “activity.” We may collect information about your activity on any of our Products, such as:

  • Content you create, like posts, comments, messages, images, video, or audio
  • Content you provide through any of our content-creation features
  • Content you provide through your camera roll settings
  • Messages you send and receive, including their content, subject to applicable local laws
  • Metadata about content and messages, subject to applicable law
  • Types of content you view or interact with, including ads, and how you interact with them
  • Any apps or other features you use, and what type of actions you take in them
  • Any purchases or other transactions you make, including credit card information (as applicable)
  • Any hashtags you use
  • The time, duration, and frequency of your activities on our Products

Information with special protections

You might choose to provide information about your religious views, your sexual orientation, political views, health, racial or ethnic origin, philosophical beliefs, employment, or trade union membership. These and other types of information could have special protections under the laws of your jurisdiction.

How we use your information to improve our Products

We’re always trying to make our Products better and create new ones with the features you want. Information we collect from you helps us learn how.

We use the information we collect to:

  • See if a product is working properly
  • Troubleshoot and fix our products when they’re not
  • Test out new products and features
  • Get feedback on upcoming products or features

How we use your location-related information

We use location-related information that you allow us to receive if you turn on Location Services in your device settings. This includes things like your GPS location and, in order to match you with relevant local content, connections, or advertisements.

We may also receive and use some location-related information even if your Location Services is turned off. This may include:

  • IP addresses which we use to estimate your general location. We may use IP addresses in order to estimate your specific location if it’s necessary to protect the safety and security of you or others.
  • Your activity on our Products such as check-ins and events
  • Information you provide us directly, like if you enter your current city on your profile, or provide your personal address in Marketplace

We may use location-related information, such as your current location, where you live, the places you frequent, and the businesses and contacts you’re near, to do things like:

  • Provide, personalize, and improve our Products, including ads, for you and other users.
  • Detect suspicious activity and help keep your account secure.

To promote users’ safety, security, and integrity

We use the information we collect from our users to help protect users from harm, and to help us provide safe, and secure Products for everyone.

To provide measurements, analytics, and business services

Many people may use our Products to run or promote their businesses. We help them measure how well their content is working.

To communicate with users

We may communicate with you using information you’ve already provided to us, such as contact information you’ve already entered on your profile.

Please note that we do not share or sell any users’ personal information to any third parties. You alone are in control of the information that you choose to provide either on your personal profile, or to external businesses (such as responding to an advertisement). You can control what information you share in your Account Settings.