FreedomSocial – Terms of Service

The Daly Group creates & provides technologies and services that enable people to engage with one other, build community, network, promote things that are meaningful for them, and grow businesses. These Terms govern your use of our FreedomSocial app, and any other similar products, apps, services, technologies, or items that we offer, unless otherwise governed by identified, separate terms, as applicable. Our Products are provided to you by The Daly Group parent of companies.

There is no charge for you to use FreedomSocial or any of our other products and services covered by these Terms, unless otherwise specified. Instead, outside parties, such as (but not limited to) businesses and organizations, may pay us to share their promotions for their products and services on our platform(s). By using our Products, you understand and agree that we can show you ads & promotions that we believe may be relevant to you and your personal interests. We may use your personal data as part of our process to help determine which ads and promotions are most relevant to show you.

We don’t sell any of your personal data to outside advertisers, and we don’t share any of your personal or identifying information (such as your name, email address or other contact information) with outside advertisers without your express written consent. Advertisers provide us with their ideal audience demographics instead, and we aim to show those specific ads to our members who match their demographics, and who therefore may be interested.

Our Privacy Policy covers how we collect and use your personal data to help us identify the ads you may be interested in.